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23 Weeks

23 weeks.  That's like...  Over 5 months!  Holy cow.  It's just absolutely crazy.  In about 4 months, we'll be having this baby and our lives will turn up side down.

These days Kris and I have been SO busy at the office.  So stressed.  Things are a little tough, as it probably is for everyone else.  It is discouraging, and we have our down times...  But I have to be completely honest with myself - when I lay down, put my hands on my belly, and feel the baby move, it really does make things so much better.  It can get me more anxious, worrying about what the future holds for the baby and our family, but the little movements and kicks can absolutely make my day.  It never gets old.  Probably never will.

Waist - ed.

My waist now needs to be described in past tense.  I was looking at the mirror yesterday and realized that I had no waist, at all anymore.  In its place is a growing belly.  With a little person inside.  Who moves around and kicks sometimes.

I don't want to say this and then have a horrendous week of pregnancy, but I am so thankful to God (since he's the one who made me the way I am) and feel so blessed that I've had a relatively easy pregnancy so far.  No bad morning sickness, no extreme round ligament pain, no weird cravings.  Just normal life, with a little bit of tiredness.  I've been sleeping really well too. (except for this horrible back pain I've been having - the entire right side of my back is knotted up, and... OW!)

22 Weeks

OK, so I skipped 21 weeks.  Where did it go??  I really don't know. :)

Work's been pretty busy, it's been crazy around the office.  The right side of my spine (all the muscles in that area from lower back to my shoulder) is completely knotted up, very painful.  They cramp up so I have to change my sitting/laying positions often.  OW!

Kris and I also celebrated our 5 year anniversary this weekend.  It was actually on Saturday, but Kris' 10 year high school reunion was on that day, so we ended up spending it with his old friends/acquaintances.  Sunday morning he made me brunch (homemade hashbrowns!), and gave me a good long massage (which was extremely painful) on my shoulder to ease the pain a little.

And LA Lakers won the NBA Championship this year. :)  There were some really good games!

When I miss Europe... I eat yogurt. Ju young 3 June 2009

So, I can't say I'm an expert or anything of Europe.  I've only been there a couple of times, once in college when I took a summer semester at Oxford, then this past year when Kris and I went to Hungary.  I love visiting Europe, there's always so much to see, every little thing is... well, something.  However, I always thought that I'd never want to live there.  It's so different...  And I think I'm through with adjusting to "different" for a while, I've done so much of it already in my short life.

20 Weeks!

20 Weeks!  That's half way done. :)  Or Kris says half way started.  Either way, it's an exciting milestone for me.  The baby is kicking in there often during the day, and it's such a comfort...  What an amazing experience.  Kris also got to feel the baby move yesterday on our 20 week mark - we were laying in bed and when the baby started kicking, I put his hand on my belly and felt a couple of big kicks!  I love that I can share that with him.  It's unreal to think that we will have a little baby to share a family bond with, who will look up to us as loving parents, guides, and protectors.

19 Weeks

Again, this post is 4 days too late, but again, I had no time & energy to blog this pas week.  So, here I am, on my one day off.

18 Weeks

I'm sure I'll be adding this to the questionnaire below, but I had several momentous days last week! :)

  1. Baby moved on Wednesday.  It wasn't like "was that gas?"...  It was definitely something tapping me from inside.  Definitely.  The baby is moving and I've felt movement every day since.  It's the most weird, bizzare, and awesome experience all rolled into one.
  2. The BIG ultrasound.  It was actually kind of anti-climactic.  Not that it wasn't cool, but when you read all the hype on the Bump, and that's all you've been waiting for for months, it's slightly deflating.  :)  But it was awesome.  We got to see the baby's organs (stomach, heart, brain matter, kidneys, etc etc), and Little V seems to be growing right on schedule.  The tech couldn't tell the sex...  umbelical cord in the way and the legs crossed.  Hopefully all the analysis come back good.
  3. My brother's back in the States!  He flew into Houston and we met him at College Station, where he will be attending Texas A&M.  It's really really good to have him here.  Really.  I love it.
  4. Was in Dallas for Grandma and Grandpa Vandy's concert on Saturday night.  That was good.  It was broadway concert, and I didn't know most of the songs, but it was fun anyway.  And the baby loved it!  Was so active throughout the concert.

Baby V's Profile

Our baby V's gorgeous profile pics. :D  (They're the same, just different color.  Check out the nose and the lips!!  Hope the baby has Daddy's perfect nose...)


OMG I think I just felt the baby move.  No "flutter" or "popcorn", it was definitely something (hopefully the baby...) thumping me.  Holy crap.  Awesome, but VERY WEIRD.

17 Weeks

OK, so a couple days late on this.  But this time, I have a picture to post! :)  I can definitely tell I've gained a bit (or quite a bit...) of weight.  Any amount of weight I gain, goes directly to my cheeks, and pregnancy gain has been no different.  Anyway.  I keep telling myself, it's all for the baby.  (as I enjoy delicious pistachio almond ice cream...)