Waist - ed.

My waist now needs to be described in past tense.  I was looking at the mirror yesterday and realized that I had no waist, at all anymore.  In its place is a growing belly.  With a little person inside.  Who moves around and kicks sometimes.

I don't want to say this and then have a horrendous week of pregnancy, but I am so thankful to God (since he's the one who made me the way I am) and feel so blessed that I've had a relatively easy pregnancy so far.  No bad morning sickness, no extreme round ligament pain, no weird cravings.  Just normal life, with a little bit of tiredness.  I've been sleeping really well too. (except for this horrible back pain I've been having - the entire right side of my back is knotted up, and... OW!)

I can definitely tell that my body temperature has gone up - it's been SO HOT lately.  I've never slept without a blanket / sheet on me, even in the tropics, and now I can't stand anything on me when I sleep.  I get really hot, and have been sweating quite a bit...  Which is unusual.  I've had to resort to my... "strong" deodorant to prevent me from being able to smell myself at the end of the day.

The physical side of it, is quite disturbing.  Kris doesn't seem to think anything of it... which I'm tremendously glad.  My armpits are turning really really dark (which is really bothersome to me)...  I've heard that your skin pigments can get more active?  Well, how inconvenient.  :oP  Also, I have a really dark linea nigra - the dark line that goes down your belly - which, I actually think is kind of cute.  My skin on my body is NOT happy, is breaking out everywhere.  Except for my face.  Pregnancy seems to work well with the skin on my face. :)  Swelling of hands & feet, and of course, there's the no-longer-there waist.

I'm gonna have to buckle down and go get a couple of pairs of maternity pants.  I've never been so un-thrilled to go shopping in my life.  Sigh.

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