18 Weeks

I'm sure I'll be adding this to the questionnaire below, but I had several momentous days last week! :)

  1. Baby moved on Wednesday.  It wasn't like "was that gas?"...  It was definitely something tapping me from inside.  Definitely.  The baby is moving and I've felt movement every day since.  It's the most weird, bizzare, and awesome experience all rolled into one.
  2. The BIG ultrasound.  It was actually kind of anti-climactic.  Not that it wasn't cool, but when you read all the hype on the Bump, and that's all you've been waiting for for months, it's slightly deflating.  :)  But it was awesome.  We got to see the baby's organs (stomach, heart, brain matter, kidneys, etc etc), and Little V seems to be growing right on schedule.  The tech couldn't tell the sex...  umbelical cord in the way and the legs crossed.  Hopefully all the analysis come back good.
  3. My brother's back in the States!  He flew into Houston and we met him at College Station, where he will be attending Texas A&M.  It's really really good to have him here.  Really.  I love it.
  4. Was in Dallas for Grandma and Grandpa Vandy's concert on Saturday night.  That was good.  It was broadway concert, and I didn't know most of the songs, but it was fun anyway.  And the baby loved it!  Was so active throughout the concert.

How far along?  18 weeks.  That's a little over 4 months!
Total weight gain/loss:  Not sure.  I'm guessing WAY over 10 lbs at this point though.  I'll find out tomorrow.
Maternity clothes? Nope.  Just wearing pants that fit.  Which means slacks and one pair of jeans.  No shirts yet.  My belly's getting larger, though, and the slacks are getting tighter.  I'm thinking I'll have to buy maternity pants soon.
Stretch marks?
  None that's new.
  Been pretty good.  Yesterday I slept REALLY well, due to being on the road all day and being tired. :)
Best moment this week:
Since I didn't have any last week - I'll have TWO! :D
1.  FEELING THE BABY MOVE, and SEEING THE BABY on ultrasound for an extended period of time.
2.  Seeing my brother.  It's been about a year, and it was so good to see him and have him with me before school starts for him.
Movement: YES!!!!  I felt Little V for the first time last Wednesday, 5/13/09.  Absolutely exciting.
Food cravings:  None this week.
Gender:  Girl.  Maybe?  :)  The tech couldn't tell.
Labor Signs: None.
Belly Button in or out? In.
What I miss:  Today, I love being pregnant and feeling the Little One move.  I can't think of anything I miss.
What I am looking forward to:  Tomorrow's doctor's appointment.  The ultrasound tech said he would give my doctor the results of the ultrasound, so hopefully I'll find out the results tomorrow.
Weekly Wisdom:  Don't make any major decisions when you're hormonal and crying.
Milestones:  THE BABY IS MOVING!!

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