23 Weeks

23 weeks.  That's like...  Over 5 months!  Holy cow.  It's just absolutely crazy.  In about 4 months, we'll be having this baby and our lives will turn up side down.

These days Kris and I have been SO busy at the office.  So stressed.  Things are a little tough, as it probably is for everyone else.  It is discouraging, and we have our down times...  But I have to be completely honest with myself - when I lay down, put my hands on my belly, and feel the baby move, it really does make things so much better.  It can get me more anxious, worrying about what the future holds for the baby and our family, but the little movements and kicks can absolutely make my day.  It never gets old.  Probably never will.

How far along?  23 weeks!
Total weight gain/loss:  18 lbs at the last Doctor's appt on Thursday.  Sigh.  A lot more than I was hoping for.
Maternity clothes?  Wore my first maternity shirt (excluding tank tops) today.  Makes me look gigantic...  And less pregnant.  But very comfy.  Maternity pants coming soon.  I used a rubber band instead of buttoning my pants today.  (I know, I say that every week.)
Stretch marks?  I'm not sure, I realized that I don't keep track of my stretch marks.  So if I have new ones, I won't know.
Sleep:  Pretty good.  I'm needing more of it.
Best moment this week:  Baby's heart beat is 145 bpm, and the blood work from last month looks normal.
Movement:  Yes!  Still love it.  Although Baby's been pretty low lately, so my bladder is getting a bit of beating.
Food cravings:  Meat.  I always feel like I need more protein.  And... <insert a long exasperated sigh here>... McDonalds. 
Gender:  So the doctor completely forgot about maybe peaking at the Baby at the appointment.  She said if I remind her next month, she'll take a peak.
Labor Signs: None.  Although I might have experience Braxton Hicks...  Not sure, but very uncomfortable pressure last Sunday that lasted several hours.
Belly Button in or out? In still.  But it's getting pretty stretched out.
What I miss:  Not having to worry about the nursery & baby gear.  We haven't bought or done anything baby related yet, and it's stressing me out.
What I am looking forward to:  Next week is Viability - 24 weeks!
Weekly Wisdom:  Marinated & grilled mushrooms and veggies - mm Good!
Milestones:  Father's day - Kris is a Dad!  (Although we didn't really celebrate it...)

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