Using Google+ Pages for Modules

You may have noticed the nice little g+ icon on the site, I've started using a Google+ Page to deliver and organize information about the Contextual Administration module I maintain. This is an interesting new use scenario for me, and I wanted to share what I'm doing and why.

Site Building Super Tools (AKA my Drupalcon/camp Sessions) Kris Vanderwater 6 November 2011

For the past 2 seasons of camps and cons, I've been proposing some material that has taken a lot of its cues from page_manager and ctools. This has been a really hard road to follow because of the complexity inherent in these tools, and as a consequence, only the camps have really given me any real traction on my sessions. This has been encouraging in the sense that my camp sessions have been very well attended and have gone extraordinarily well, and discouraging in the sense that Drupalcon attendees have missed out on these sessions.

Changing How You Administer With Contextual Administration Kris Vanderwater 21 October 2011

Page Manager (and family... i.e. Panels) is starting to get some more traction within our community. New users are finding it, using it, and asking awesome questions about it every day. I've done my part both from a development side as well as a teaching front to try to help that along as much as I can, and I'm very pleased with the fact that the community is beginning to find these tools and really appreciate what they can do. With that being said, I want to pedal some of my own page_manager based wares on those of you who might listen.

Drupal Core's Future and Current Problems

Recently, there has a been a LOT of discussion about the future of drupal core and some of its rather "legacy" modules. This is a good conversation to be having, however I think we are spending our efforts in the wrong place, or perhaps better, I think we have or priorities misaligned.

Wonderful Life

It's been a whole year plus since I last published anything on this blog. A LOT has happened in that time, namely Ju and I have had our second child (Kai) and he is doing great, however for those of you who have read our blog in the past, you'll know that the birth with Alaise did not go so well, and indeed we had a very similar experience this time.

Babies are Fun!

I hope all parents feel this way - we've realized how FUN Alaise has grown to be.  In such a short period of time, she has learned so many things...  Most of all, to smile and laugh as a form of response.  Today for the first time, she laughed when Kris started talking to her.  She's laughed plenty before, but only when we were playing with her.  This morning, when Kris smiled at her and started talking, she laughed and buried her face in my chest.  It was the most endearing thing I've ever seen!!  It is absolutely amazing to see her respond to us, and I especially love watching her "flirt" with Daddy, as she plays coy and shy, with a huge smile on her face.  Her joy is so apparent with her laughters and smiles, and it brightens my day. 

4 Months Ju young 22 February 2010

Alaise is 4 months old today.  I have a difficult time fathoming how long 4 months actually is.  Watching her grow, as her eyes sparkle in recognition and interest, 4 months seem so long and so short at the same time.  She's starting to grasp at objects, loves to bat at whatever is in her way, have a strong hold on fingers, interested in watching her hands as she moves them.  She loves to smile, and the laughters are amazing.  She fusses the most when she's tired, and she often wakes up from her naps or in the middle of the night talking to herself.  The cooing in the middle of the night is frustrating, but I can't help but laugh, listening to it.  Her hair is getting long, and everyone always comments on how much of it she has.  She has a crest - her hair waves in a funny way, so it puffs up when it dries.

Dinner Ju young 14 January 2010

Wow, it's been almost a month since I blogged! Lots to write, but I can't seem to find the time to sit down and blog...  I thought I'd start jotting down menu items throughout the week, so later I can come back and find ideas when I don't know what to cook! :)

Tonight's menu:

Marinated grilled chicken (got the chicken marinating since last night)
Cauliflower casserole
Corn on the cob

Baby Product Review

So, I'm sure every mom has preference on all the baby stuff that they acquired during pregnancy.  I thought I'd jot down some of my thoughts on these products so far. :)

Feels Good!! Ju young 13 December 2009

It feels so good to feel normal.  I've felt pretty darn good for the last week, no pain, no need to take any pain pills.  :)  For some weird reason, I've had lots and lots of muscle pain and tenderness even a couple weeks ago...  I don't know if it was related to the birth or not, but it sure feels good to have all that gone!  It's such a blessing, it's hard to appreciate not being in pain until you've been in pain for a period of time.

On the side note, I've come to realize that I can't imagine not having Alaise as my child.  All those months of trying to get pregnant...  I told myself that maybe God wants THAT CHILD for us, so it's taking longer.  Out of millions of children that we could have, we were waiting for that one special child that God wanted us to have.  I really truly believe this was true for us!  I can't imagine not having Alaise as our baby girl...  I'm sure other children would have been awesome as well, but I'm so glad God let us have this one.  She's so wonderfully precious and perfect.

Anyway.  Just my thoughts for the day.