Baby Product Review

So, I'm sure every mom has preference on all the baby stuff that they acquired during pregnancy.  I thought I'd jot down some of my thoughts on these products so far. :)

  1. Boppy pillow.  I got the zoomania design, and I love it!  It's very cute.  But most of all, it's been so helpful while nursing, and it's actually quite comfortable to use as a pillow...  It goes around your shoulders and you can hug it.  I'm sure it'll stay around for a long time.
  2. Changing pad.  My mom wondered why we needed such a thing, when you can just change the baby on the bed.  I'm quite glad I got one!  It fits very well on both our dresser (she sleeps in our room for now) and on hers in the nursery.  I like the fact that we have a consistent place for her to be changed.  I'm glad I didn't get a changing table though...  I wouldn't have had the room anywhere!
  3. Bottle rack & brush I had my doubts when I got them, thinking maybe they were just unnecessary gadgets, that maybe I could make due without them.  Nope.  They really make life easy.  During Thanksgiving, I didn't pack the bottle brush, and it was quite difficult to wash the bottles.  As far as products themselves go - the quality is okay, I've never used any others so I don't know.  But they seem decent.
  4. Crib bedding.  Since we are keeping Alaise in our room in a bassinet for now, we haven't used the crib quite yet.  But we LOVE the bedding we got, it's SO cute, and also love the night light I ordered that matches the bedding.  I can't wait till she can recognize all the animals on the bedding!
  5. Medela Swing.  So when we purchased the breast pump, I wasn't sure if I wanted to spend the money to buy an electric pump...  I thought maybe a manual one would suffice.  Would I really use it often?
    WRONG.  I have used that darn pump everyday, several times a day.  With my milk supply being really low, pumping has been crucial.  It's gotten a little better - we only supplement with formula maybe once a day, about 2 oz. - but that pump was worth every penny we paid for it.
  6. Bottles.  We actually didn't buy any till our Thanksgiving roadtrip.  My mother in law got us a bunch of Dr. Brown's bottles from a garage sale, and we had a couple of free Playtex bottles from Motherhood Maternity.  We didn't use bottles for a long time, but once we started, we started with Dr. Brown's.  FAIL.  Compared to the method we were using to feed Alaise (finger feeding, which was introduced to us by the lactation consultants at the hospital), the milk flow of the nipple was WAY too fast, milk just dribbled all over her chin.
    At Walmart, on our way to College Station, we bought a Nuk slow flow bottle.  LOVE IT.  We only have one so far, but we may get more...  It's been really good, and she feeds well without miilk going all over.
  7. Carter's receiving blankets.  Really like them.  What more can I say?
  8. Sheet saver.  It's something that was on "get it" list that I got off the internet, so we registered for one, and got one.  Completely worthless, since we haven't had any explosive poops...  The cloth diapers we have been using prevents those pretty effectively. :D
  9. Gerber onesies.  We weren't buying clothes just yet, since we weren't sure of the gender of our baby.  But my mother in law got me some...  They're NOT soft, and we won't be using them really, since it's kinda cold these days.  I'm afraid Alaise won't wear any of them before they get too small.
  10. 배넷 저고리.  These are Korean shirts that babies wear.  My mom bought three of them from Korea, and these have been my favorite to put on Alaise.  They don't have buttons, just ties that are easy to manage.  They don't have a bottom, and when Alaise was a newborn, it was so easy to change her diapers because I didn't have to mess with buttons or pants.  Also, they have little glove-sleeves, so it was super helpful in preventing scratches from her long nails!  Now we just couple them with pants and they work perfectly.  Love them.

I think that's it for now...  There are a lot more stuff, like the carseat, and the stroller, and the pack 'n play, etc etc.  But I think those are the little things. :)

7 September 2014

I think a quality breast pump is so essential. I know myself and others I know wasted a fair bit of money by trying to save money by buying a manual pump or cheap electric ones that just hurt and didn't work properly. It is definitely worth spending the money in the beginning.

James Morgan (not verified)

10 September 2014

I have used that darn pump everyday, several times a day. With my milk supply being really low, pumping has been crucial. It's gotten a little better - we only supplement with formula maybe once a day, about 2 - but that pump was worth every penny we paid for it.s

27 November 2014

Cute stuff, but a bit of labor to click thru on every item. Why not post the pics with the item right here in the blog? This helps us zero in faster on items of interest. Thanks for the suggestions!

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