Cloth Diapers, Disposable Diapers, Cute Diapers... Diapers!

So I was browsing the Bump boards today, and came across a diaper question.  Can't remember what it was, exactly, but I got curious so I went and looked it up.  I know my best friend, Dana, was wanting to cloth diaper but ended up using disposables.  I didn't ever think I wanted to cloth diaper - what a pain!

Apparently there are lots of different kinds of cloth diapers.  I was so confused when I started reading, so I researched a bit more and after an hour of reading, I think I have a pretty good grasp on the four major kinds.

  1. Flat diapers.  These are the old fashioned cloth diapers that you fold and pin.  (there are some kinds that are pre-folded.)  You need a diaper cover that goes over the cloth to prevent leaking.
  2. Fitted diapers.  These look just like the disposables, but they're made of cloth.  Fit the baby nicely, but still need a diaper cover to prevent leaking.
  3. Pocket diapers.  These have a cloth inner lining and water proof outer lining that prevents leakage.  Between the two layers, there is a pocket that you can stuff.  (linings come separately, but also can use prefolded diapers for absorption.)
  4. All in one diapers.  These look just like the disposables, and have a leak proof outer lining.  One piece cloth diaper.  But takes a while to dry.

I didn't start researching with cloth diapering our baby in mind, but after some research, I'm leaning towards at least trying it out.  I'm not a big "go green" kind of gal, but cloth diapers seem to be better for the baby.  Less rashes, and of course, it feels better for them to have soft cotton material on their bottom.  Disposable diapers are obviously manufactured, so there is a possibility of dyes, chemicals, etc.  Cloth diapers are more economical, but of course, not as convenient.  An insignificant perk, but a perk nonetheless, is that cloth diapers are SO cute. :D

I still have a little time to find out what I really want to do, but I think I at least want to try out cloth diapering for a little while.  We'll keep disposables around for sure, but there's no harm in trying it out, right?  This baby business is a little overwhelming, and to think that we have only 6 months to get everything ready, is just CRAZY!

annamaria996 (not verified)

20 December 2015

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