Having a Baby!

So, I will be getting induced at 5:30am tomorrow morning.  I really need to be going to sleep...  But it seems like there are endless loose ends I want to tie up before this little person really arrives in our life.  I especially want to journal in the book that I have been keeping. :)  Went to the doctor this morning and we scheduled the induction for tomorrow, so hopefully that goes well.  The final weight gain is about 35lbs, which isn't great, but isn't too bad.  About 5cm dilated already, but the baby's head is still cocked to the left, so there is still a good chance of C-section.

Also attended Star Wars concert tonight - which was really really good.  I was disappointed that they didn't have a segment for Han and Leia, which is like my favorite part of the whole movies.  But the music was absolutely fantastic, and it was all around awesome.

My cough is still plaguing me, and I really hope everything else that will be going on tomorrow will make it disappear.  (yeah, right.)

Next time I'm on this - I will have a baby, and will let you know all about the birth. I sort of feel like a soldier, preparing to jump into an intense battle.  We shall see.

23 October 2009

I know you can't wait to meet this little one!! We will be waiting with bated breath over here, too!

I was curious why you were being induced? Is it just a timing issue or is there an acutal medical reason? Are you going to try to go all-natural?

Eowyn's head descended in front of my cervix, which slowed labor down until she moved (in answer to prayer!). My midwife had already moved her once two days before, but I guess Baby felt more comfy that way, lol. My midwife also helped at the end by stretching me the final cm as I pushed... would your dr be open to trying something like that?


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