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Books Re-Run

Kris and I always wonder HOW in the world we get along so well together.  From the very beginning, we seemed to be two totally different people, with completely opposite personalities...  We are the living proof that opposites really do attract.  And get along.  And get married, and still be in love almost 5 years into the marriage. :D

Cloth Diapers, Disposable Diapers, Cute Diapers... Diapers!

So I was browsing the Bump boards today, and came across a diaper question.  Can't remember what it was, exactly, but I got curious so I went and looked it up.  I know my best friend, Dana, was wanting to cloth diaper but ended up using disposables.  I didn't ever think I wanted to cloth diaper - what a pain!

Blog, Baked Ziti, and Grapes

Okay, my wonderful hubby put up this blog for us, so I thought I'd chip in. :D  I've been sharing my pregnancy stories/news with the Bump members, and now that I have my own blog, I thought I'd record some of my journey here.