Diaper Update

So, I thought I'd jot down a short diaper update.  How's my newborn stash of cloth diapers that I purchased working out??

Well, to be completely honest, I only got my first poopy cloth diaper yesterday.  I've come to realize that when you get diapers as gifts, especially the newborn ones, there's really not a great need for a newborn stash of cloth diapers.  Especially when your baby's big to begin with.  We used the diapers that we brought from the hospital, and went through one decent size pack of diapers, and just now started using cloth diapers.  The Kissaluvs are already a wee bit small, it leaves marks on Alaise's legs.  The Prorap covers are way too small already.  The Thirsties seem to be holding better...  I tried my hands on the prefolds today for the first time.  Used Jelly Roll fold, seems to be working okay.  I'll have to practice a little more.  But the Snappi is great! :)

Next step is washing the diapers...  I will probably do my first dirty diaper wash tomorrow - we'll see how that goes!  I hear that formula poop is less soluble than breastmilk poop.  To be honest, I kinda panicked when I found her poopy diaper yesterday on the cloth diaper.  Mmm, what do I do?  It made it worse when she just kept pooping while I tried to change her.  It was not pretty.

Anyway. :) Disposables are definitely convenient.  Can't beat it - change then throw away.  But I hope to come to love the cloth.

2 February 2010

Disposables are much easier to clean when there's a big mess.. but here's my alternative, have the poopy go in the toilet, then there's minimal mess!! Since we first tried EC with our baby he practically refuses to poop in his diaper, disposable or otherwise. There have been some minor mistakes but wow cleaning up after a majorly poopy diaper after not having done so in 7 weeks was a huge disgusting shock. :) my two cents.

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