Oh Where, Oh Where, Did My Pants Go?

OK, so my pants have shrunk about a size and a half when I washed it last.  (who am I kidding?...)  Apparently since the time I washed the pants and now, my belly has grown enough that I can no longer button these pants.  (or I have eaten too many donuts.  Either way, I can no longer button them.)  Sigh.  I feel and look SO pregnant today.  Which is a good thing.  But it's still depressing to have pants not fit anymore.

Last week, Aunt Margie brought a little "pregnancy gift bag" from Grandma Vandy to me.  It had informational stuff, cocoa butter (for stretch marks), maternity band, baby bottle, etc etc.  Well, when I was aghast at the button that refused to button, Kris casually mentioned, "Maybe you should break out the band thing that Grandma sent."  So I did.  Butto is still unbuttoned, but it's held together by this white stretchy band, and it's actually quite comfortable!  I layed a long tank top over it, and then a shirt...  It's holding up good, but I have to pay for it by feeling like a gigantic hippo.

Last time I was at the doctor's, last Thursday, she was telling me how my body is producing more of the hormone called "relaxin", and as the name suggests, it relaxes all the ligaments in my body to prepare for birth.  She said that the hips are getting wider, and even the rib cage is expanding and the diaphragm is changing to increase air supply.  My body will change more and more to accomodate this little babe.  It is an amazing thought, but at the same time, it's not so comfortable having to share my body with someone else. :)  My body doing things that I'm not in control of...  It's a very new experience.

On the upside, my tomatoes are still alive.  The brutal Oklahoma wind is fixin' to blow them away...  But this weekend I staked them so they would hold strong.  I also bought a small sweet banana pepper plant, and I'm excited about that too.  Apparently gardening can get addictive, and I've been real excited about my little veggie/fruit garden.  :)  It'll be so fun to plant stuff with a child of my own, to go out, pick tomatoes together, and watch the child grow.

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