Grace: 1

So I was reading someone's blog...  I'm not a stalker, but I find that some people's blogs are just fun and insightful to read.  I think blogs can be therapeutic, just releasing your emotions and thoughts and such into writing, in the void of the internet.  Anyway.  This person has started listing 5 things that has graced your life that day, for the next year.  I can't guarantee that I will do this everyday... But when I do, I'd like to include it in my blogs.


1.  Elegance or beauty of form, manner, motion, or action.
2.  A pleasing or attractive quality of endowment.
3.  Favor or good will.

Divine Grace:  "unmerited favor" from God.  "enabling power sufficient for progression".  Grace divine is an indispensable gift from God for development, improvement, and character expansion, and without God's grace, there are certain limitations, weaknesses, flaws, impurities, and faults mankind cannot overcome.  God's gifts to all humankind, including life, creation, and salvation.

My Grace: (though it may seem cliche-y)

1.  Salvation for me and my mate.
2.  Little one growing inside of me, who will one day join us in divine grace of salvation.
3.  Stability of family and home.
4.  Healthy pregnancy.
5.  Free will.

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