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I've been wanting a place to call my own for a while now.  Blogging is one of those things I firmly believe you should really own for yourself, and so I've put off blogging about anything personal until I could get my own site going.  Of course this has the side effect of "never happening" because let's face it, I'm too busy.  However with the proposition of a new baby coming into my life shortly it seemed more important than ever that Ju and I have a place to blog about what's really going on in our lives.

This will probably always be a work in progress, but for the moment, it's working nicely enough and I'm happy to start using it as is.

Today is a Sunday, and kind of a lazy one thus far.  The wind has been blowing so hard all night that neither Ju nor I slept all that well last night, and we're having trouble getting to church this morning due to it.  We've been attending New Church lately, which is sort of a breath of fresh air in many ways.  New Church is kind of a place for the "unchurched", which is always a shakey ground to stand on in my opinion for a church, but they pull it off so well and have for 18 years now.  I say shakey ground because there are many churches for the "unchurched" but they often water down the message they should be delivering in order to pull in more attendees.  This seems counter-productive in my opinion, but New Church gives great sermons that actually have meat in them, and that's really the most important thing they could do in my opinion.  The dress code is relaxed (come as you are) and the environment friendly.  We (mom, dad and I) attended New Church probably 10+ years ago now, so it's interesting to see it come full circle.

In other news, we let the whole family know about our expected new-comer about 2 weeks ago now.  I've been meaning to get the site up as quickly as possible so that they could start seeing our updates and such.  I should probably give them all a link and I will soon.  Yesterday was Ju's 12 week mark and I am super excited.  We don't have another Doctors appointment for 2 more weeks I think, but actually getting to see the baby move was a really huge thing for me, and I'm still excited any time I think about it.  All the pregnancy sites say the baby is basically done developing its organs and is now litterally just growing.

I have so much to do to get the house ready for a baby, and not just the house, but our lives in general.  It's one thing to decide you want to bring children into this world, it's another thing entirely to actually have to start planning for one that's coming.  I think we've determined the computer room is going to become the new nursury (closest to our room) and we're really going to have to move some stuff around to make that work.  Mom and Dad got some of my Star Wars posters framed for Christmas and I've come very close to putting them up on the wall a few times now, but with the baby coming it's probably best that I haven't.  I'm actually not sure WHERE to put them now.  In fact the lion share of the space in the computer room at the moment isn't take up by computers so much as it is my Star Wars stuff.  Task I'm least looking forward to?  Moving the bookshelves... ugh.

Anyway, we've gotten a new vacuum (more on this in another post), we need to fix some things in both bathrooms, and we have a closet that needs some serious fixing.  All things I want done before the baby comes, and I have to balance that with all the code I need to write for clients.  At any rate, there's a lot to do, but I've got the blog up and running so that's one more item I can check off the list.  Hopefully I'll actually have time to use this thing!

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