Church Friends

OK, so Kris and I haven't gone to a church in a while.  We keep meaning to find a church to become a part of, but can't seem to find one that we like, plus it doesn't help that we believe that going to church on Sundays doesn't make us better Christians.  We also really dislike church politics.  Nonetheless, I really want to find a place where I can worship and have fellowship with others, plus we definitely want to raise Alaise in a Church environment.

Ju at 12 Weeks

So, picture day was suppose to be 2 days ago (Saturday) however that didn't happen, so we made today picture day.  I really do enjoy picture day, though I'm not that big of a photographic enthusiast.  I think I find a camera to be a fickle piece of technology that will never reproduce the same results twice, but I try my best and this is what we've got!

First Blog

I've been wanting a place to call my own for a while now.  Blogging is one of those things I firmly believe you should really own for yourself, and so I've put off blogging about anything personal until I could get my own site going.  Of course this has the side effect of "never happening" because let's face it, I'm too busy.  However with the proposition of a new baby coming into my life shortly it seemed more important than ever that Ju and I have a place to blog about what's really going on in our lives.