Bragging a Little.

My mom is holding Alaise right now and I have a bit of time before she will be wanting food...  And I wanted to take a bit of time to brag on my husband a little.  From the day we spent more than 5 minutes together - when we were barely friends, I knew we fit, and I knew we would be good friends for a long long time.  He took me out on a drive on the night I got my heart broken...  We were acquaintences at the time, but he happened to walk by when I was devastated, and afterward, called me to ask me if I needed anything.  I asked him if he had a car, and he did, and we went for a long drive that night.  I cried and bawled and poured my heart out, and he listened, and drove.  He bought a pint of mint chocolate chip ice cream, and we shared it with one spoon.  (Mind you, I was sick, and he didn't care, and I didn't either.  It was so natural...)  He brought me back to my dorm room, and gave me a big hug...  And I knew we would be good friends.  It was so natural being with him, and though I wondered if I was "rebounding", it didn't matter much.

Kris holding Alaise

Fast forward 8 years, and we are life mates.  We have had a child together.  And he's been SO supportive and wonderful.  I always say, no one could have put up with me but him. :)  He's patient and encouraging, and with me going through mood swings and taking care of the baby, he's been the most wonderful husband I could ask for.  He's taken care of me and Alaise - and I'm so grateful that he still remembers to be my husband, on top of his new daddy duty.  At this point in my life, when tiny things can start my tears, he made me cry by shaving off his facial hair last night.  Go ahead, laugh if you must - it sounds ridiculous, but I felt so unsettled by his facial hair experiment...  Like nothing in life was the same anymore.  He got the jist of my feelings, and shaved it all off.  It made me cry.

I must admit, we've been blessed & cursed by working for his parents.  There are definite pros and cons...  One of the pros is flexibility, and we've definitely been using it.  :)  I don't feel too bad, though, as he didn't even get one day of break after coming back from the hospital.  It's what we get for working for family, it really does go both ways.  But it's been nice to have him around in the morning when I've been up all night.  We have my parents here, but I can't ask them to do some of the things he's helped me with, and since we haven't been using a bottle to feed Alaise, we can't really ask my parents to feed her when I'm sleeping.  Kris has been so good, being my husband, Alaise's dad, and a son to his parents, all at the same time.

Kris and Alaise sleeping

His sympathy also makes me feel warm and fuzzy.  He's so sympathetic toward everything I've gone through, and that's gratifying.  I love the fact that he appreciates what I'm going through, and that helps me go one more day with this darned breast feeding.  Feeding Alaise has been the most challenging chore, as she keeps falling asleep on my breast even when she's starving!  And then if I finger feed her, she goes after it with vengeance.  We're still working on that. (Although, I pumped 1 whole ounce from one boob today, hurray!)

Anyway.  I thought I'd brag on my wonderful husband.  He deserves it and far more.  I love him to death, and I'm so lucky to have him as my best friend forever.


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