Belly Button

I've always had things about my body that I didn't like.  I'm sure most of the girls do.  One of the huge complexes I had was my belly button.  I have a gigantic (or so I think, my husband disagrees with me...) crater for a belly button.  Mom told me that when I was little, I got some kind of infection, and when she took me to the doctor's, they "burned" the infection, whatever what was...  Mom still makes faces at that, saying she didn't understand why they did that, or if that was the only way.  Anyway.  So, thus the gigantic crater.  It's really deep, and when I fill out the pregnancy questionnaire and come to "Belly button, in or out?" I'm like, ha ha, it'll ALWAYS be in.

Well, last night I saw something that made myself look a second, and third, and tenth time.  I don't doubt that my belly button will ever be "out", but it was much, much shallower than it used to be.  It's fascinating.  I've seen other women's belly button pop out, and I guess mine's trying to do the same, with the pregnancy belly pushing it out.  I found myself waking up in the middle of the night to feel it.  Several times.

Other than the pants not fitting anymore (my dress pants still fit though, so those are what I've been wearing lately), this has been the biggest thing I've noticed about my body!

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