16 Weeks

OK, so I really do need to take pictures of me at week 16 this weekend.  I haven't taken pictures since week 13 I think.  But in the last week or so, I've grown visibly, so I would like to document it. :)  It's been pretty windy/cold/rainy/stormy out for the last week, so I haven't been able to plant my strawberries, which has been the biggest bummer of the week.  Tomatoes are still doing well, and I've kept the banana pepper plant inside, as it is very small and fragile-looking, and with the Oklahoma wind, well, I don't want it to get swept away. 

I've noticed a little bit of swelling in my fingers and feet, which is REALLY annoying.  I retained tons of water when I was on birth control pills, and it seems pregnancy will do the same thing.  I've taken my wedding/engagement rings off at this point.  (I've heard of girls needing to get them CUT off, and that's definitely not what I want to do.)  In the mornings it's especially bad - my fingers look like bloated sausage.  Not pretty.

How far along? 16 weeks!! (that's almost 4 months, folks. ^^)
Total weight gain/loss:
  Not sure, I don't weigh myself other than when I'm at the doctor's.  I'm sure I've gained more though.
Maternity clothes?
Oh yes.  I wore the maternity band for the first time this week, and my pants are fitting tight...  I've bought a couple of maternity shirts on target.com...  A sweater, which was only $8 and change, and it doesn't look too maternity.  A maternity shirt, which I can't wear until I grow a bigger belly.  But yes, I now own some.
Stretch marks?
  None that's new.
  It's been better this week, I've been tired, so I've been sleeping pretty well.  And I'm getting used to gazillion pillows on the bed I think.
Best moment this week:

1)  First baby blanket received from my best friend Dana!!  SO cute, she hand-sewed it (it's her first!), and it's SOOO special. :)  First baby item.
2)  Waking up this morning, with gray skies outside, softly raining.  I took a while getting up, enjoyed laying there, in the cozy bed, patting my belly, trying to see if I could feel the Little One.  It was relaxing and blissful!
Movement: Not yet.  I try though. :)
Food cravings:  Big Mac & TONS of fries, with lots of ketchup.  I know I can go get it whenever I want, but it makes me feel guilty so I keep putting it off, and crave it for another day.
Gender:  Goes back and forth between girl and boy.  Can't decide today.
Labor Signs: None.
Belly Button in or out? In.
What I miss:  Not having to pee at 2am every night.
What I am looking forward to:  The Big u/s.  Of course. :)  And Mother's day that we're celebrating tomorrow with Kris' parents, since next weekend during real Mother's day, we'll have two graduations, two graduation parties, and grandparents in town.  It'll be crazy.  We got a little bear that says something cute about being a Grandma for mom, and a mug for dad that's really cute too.
Weekly Wisdom:  Strawberry Honey Bunches of Oats with a little bit of Grape Nuts sprinkled on top is really good.
Milestones:  Had my first cry-and-sob-so-hysterically-that-you-almost-hyperventilate episode.  Poor Kris had to deal with me in a really bad mood all week.  Some of it had legit reasons, but still, my sobbing got so out of control.  I'm blaming it on the hormones, as Kris told me later that he has never seen me cry so hard.

This week's just been hard.  Every little thing kinda set me off...  My emotions felt really out of control for the first time this pregnancy.  My body's felt out of control for a while, especially concerning eating, but it was really frustrating to feel my emotions out of control.  It didn't help that I've felt like a gigantic hippo all week, with my pants not fitting and all.  Sigh.  I hope next week will be better.

As I mentioned above, I received my first baby blanket from Dana.  How special! :)  It's so very cute, and it means so much more because it's hand made.  Her first project, and a total success.  I LOVE it.

Not feeling the baby yet...  I wait every day for it to happen.  Kris, having read that the baby responds to light at this stage (they move away from the light because they can sense it), shone a flash light around my tummy trying to get me to "feel". :)  Cute, but I think the baby's moving around plenty, I just can't feel it, so no reason to torture the poor thing trying to get it to move.  I can't wait to feel the little flutter.

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