Ju at 12 Weeks

So, picture day was suppose to be 2 days ago (Saturday) however that didn't happen, so we made today picture day.  I really do enjoy picture day, though I'm not that big of a photographic enthusiast.  I think I find a camera to be a fickle piece of technology that will never reproduce the same results twice, but I try my best and this is what we've got!  Luckily I can work wonders in photoshop, so camera or no, at least I feel empowered there.  I tossed a little "12 weeks!" text on there, rounded a bit to remind people of the emerging bump.  The next text will be closer to the bump though.  I think it'll be cute to outline it that way each week.  :-D

Ju at 12 weeks

My wonderful wife and I visited the first couple's bible study group that we've been to in a while today.  Kind of nice to start re-connecting with people our own age, and in the same stage of life.  We don't find a lot of time to do that any more.  At any rate, it was enjoyable none-the-less.  Most of them had kids already so they're definitely at a different place than we are, but I think that's "okay".  Having people you can ask questions, who aren't 20+ years removed from the problems you face will be nice.  In the same way though, our family is going to be invaluable as we begin the process of learning what it takes to be parents, and raise a child (or hopefully, children).


Anyway, I worked a bit with Steven (a co-worker) today on componentizing the things we find ourselves doing for customers a lot.  This is an exciting time for me as well, and I find that I'm coming up with cleaner and better solutions for administrative interfaces.  The testimonial module is already in CVS on drupal.org and hopefully I'll get to tag a release tomorrow some times.


Hopefully before this week is out I'll get to tell my dyson story on here... Ju is threatening to "hijack" it from me, so I need to do my homework and get it up soon!  It's too good to allow her to steal it from me.


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