40 Weeks + Some Days...

Hopefully this will be the last one of these for a while! :)  My due date has come and gone.  And I've been sick for a week now, with a sore throat and a terrible, awful cough.  Coughing has kept me up several days in a row, and I've survived by napping here and there during the day.  It's been absolutely terrible.  The doctor prescribed me stuff called Tussionex, which, if you Google, is very strong, and works wonders.  Well, apparently she prescribed 500ml, and the dosage is 5ml at a time...  And the stuff is really expensive, so the pharmacist wanted to call the doctor Monday morning to confirm.  She gave me 15ml to last me the weekend (which is complete bull, since it's twice a day, 5ml at a time, and this was Friday afternoon.).  Which cost me almost $5, so I really hoped it would work wonders.

Friday night came, I took a teaspoonful, and it didn't make my cough or the pain go away, and it did not make me drowsy or sleepy.  In fact, it didn't do anything to me at all.  It supposedly has a minute amount of narcotics in it, and it did nothing, zip, nada.  So, the weekend has been miserable, oh so miserable.

Meanwhile, my due date has come and gone.  Thank the Lord, I have not yet gone into labor.  Seriously, it would have been so bad.  I can't imagine having to go through labor and recover with this kind of cough.  Especially since the baby's head is still cocked to the left of my pelvis, and the doctor is thinking we may have to do a C-section if Baby doesn't straighten.  Coughing like this with a C-section incision?  Not good.

As much as I would love to have another couple days to recover and wait for the cough to go away, I know the baby's getting bigger by day, so it's a little scary.  I have to remind myself, what will happen, will happen.

Oh, and since I skipped 2 weeks...  My parents are here!  They've been here since Oct. 6th.  I've had to get used to having them here, and they have been driving me crazy, but it's been good.  Especially since I've been so sick, mom's been such a HUGE help, cooking and cleaning and taking care of me.  We've gone to the Chinese market (which I've come to find out, actually is a Vietnamese market) twice, and the Korean market.  It's been fun having Korean food, although it's a change of pace for Kris and me.  We've grabbed McDonalds double cheese burgers here and there. ;)  The weather has been real icky and very cold, so they have been very unhappy about that.  But the last two days have been very warm and beautiful, so that's been awesome.

How far along?  40 weeks plus two days.
Total weight gain/loss:  35 lbs.  I gained a little, but lost 3 at the last appointment.
Maternity clothes?  Well, yoga pants mostly.  And jammies in the house.
Stretch marks?  I think Kris and I have spotted some funny looking (what we think are stretch) marks around the top part of my belly button.
Sleep:  More please.  Please.
Best moment this week:  This week hasn't been so good...  But my parents are here and things are getting ready.  The car seat base is installed, and the house is getting cleaned. :)
Movement:  Lots.
Food cravings:  Now that I'm eating Korean food all day, sometimes I still crave a Big Mac!  I guess that hasn't changed throughout the pregnancy.  Oh, and pumpkin pie, and pumpkin blizzard from DQ.  It's a good thing there isn't a DQ close by, or else I would be making a trip there everyday.
Gender:  Not sure / not telling. :)
Labor Signs:  3cm dilated at the last appointment, cervix shifted to the left due to the baby's head.
Belly Button in or out?  Half and half.
What I miss:  Life without coughs.
What I am looking forward to:  Duh, Baby's arrival, of course.  I'm terrified, but I'm looking forward to it as well.
Weekly Wisdom:  Don't get sick around your due date.  It royally sucks.
Milestones:  Hitting my due date.

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