Trip to Labor and Delivery, Part I.

So, I hope Labor and Delivery Part II will only come once we have this babe.  But we did have Part I today.  I've been having bad Braxton Hicks at least since yesterday morning...  Some hours, I'd have them every 6-7 minutes for hours straight.  The doctor wanted me to go the hospital if I had 4-5 previously...  But the stubborn (and maybe stupid) person I am, I would wait it out, take a warm shower, eat something, and lay down.  That usually slowed it down, and Braxton Hicks wouldn't last more than a day on and off.  This time, I took a bath, and did everything I was supposed to, but it just wouldn't go away.  I was up at 4:30am because it bothered me.  Not to mention I was absolutely ravenous.  (nothing Korean ramen and rice couldn't fix!)

After suffering through contractions all day...  (it's no easy thing, ya'll, it makes me really tired, my stomach is so sore and tender.)  And considering going to the hospital all day...  Finally, we decided we needed to go around 5pm.  One of the reasons why I didn't want to go all day, was that I knew it would stop as soon as I got there!!  Well, it didn't stop, but it did slow.  The nurse at labor and delivery, who was very nice, got me to change into the hospital gown and hooked me up on the monitor in the Triage room.

The baby was just fine, kept kicking the pressure sensor on my belly, which didn't feel so good...  And had a couple of contractions, and she checked me out to make sure I hadn't dilated any further, which I hadn't!!  (that was one of my biggest fears.)  It really put our fears to rest, and that made it worth going.  Also, no Brethine for me, apparently after 34 weeks, they don't actively stop labor signs.  And I'm 34 weeks TODAY!!

So, that was our first hospital trip.  It was a good "practice run", not to mention making us feel so much better.  Did I mention that getting it checked out made us feel SO much better???

(Now we're full on Mexican food...  much happier.) :)

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