Health Care

The Leftist Dilema

So, I try to keep up with our constantly changing world.  It's a very hard thing to do, but I spend so much time on a computer as it is, I try to set aside a little time (at least once a week if not more often) to bring myself up to date on things that interest me besides the web and technology.  Those things often include the state of matters in North/South Korea, and American politics.   Now Ju hates politics, and this is quite understandable, it's a dirty business with so many moving components as to make any political stance debatable by the opposing side.  In essence, there's never a "correct" answer, and this is, and should be, infuriating to all peoples on some level.

A Huge Can of Worms. It's Called Health Care.

I hate politics.  I really do.  I know politics run pretty much all aspects of our lives, but I hate it.  We all have our opinions, and if you don't agree with mine, chances are, you never will, and there's really no point in "arguing" or "discussing" or whatever.  But I just read a blog about health care, and I thought I'd organize my thoughts a bit.  And if you don't agree, well, it's MY blog, so :P to you. :)  This blog was posted by someone on Facebook about Private versus NHS (which I assume, stands for National Health Service).  Link is here: