Seeing Circles

Well, today was technically my second official day back in the office.  I moved out quite some time ago now due to a number of different factors.  Home just became a better environment in which to get things done.  However, the demands on my time at the office have become greater and greater, and it just seemed impractical to stay at home any longer.  I'm back in the room with "the guys" by which I mean the development team.  I haven't been in the same room as them in probably 2+ years.  It's a nice change of pace being around people to get work done.  Even when I was in the office I wasn't really near other developers and I'm enjoying it.

Most of my work lately has centered on what essentially amounts to ultra-granular groups.  Suffice it to say that's very technical (will probably post a blog on the business website) and has been sucking my brains out getting it all "just so".  The whole thing is going to need to be rewritten and reorganized some point here very soon, but for the moment, I have mostly working code.  Been trying to build a system that interfaces to an existing system that will allow us to send messages to users, and this has been on my mind increasingly else where.  I keep seeing all these little places where a notification module would be super useful, and time saving.  I need to start keeping a list.

Tomorrow is Ju's next appointment.  We're both really excited, it's been over a month since we last saw the doctor and I think we're having "ultra-sound withdrawl".  Which is to say, some sort of active affirmation that the baby is still on schedule and doing well would be REALLY nice.  I know I'd appreciate it and I can only imagine how Ju feels.  We're trying to get the house all ready for the baby.  Little things mostly at this point.  We bought some Garrity LED flash lights off of woot the other day.  They're nifty, you plug them into the wall socket and they have a nightlight on them (a little too dim thus far, but we'll see how they fair at night).  If the electricity goes out their suppose to come on so you can find them easily.  Woot always has such great deals, so we bought 3 of them.  They're supposed to have something like an 11 year continuous run time life expectancy, so... we should be pretty good to go for a while.  :-)

Today was beautiful and warm out.  We grabbed some KFC after work and had our own little picknick in the back yard together.  It was actually really nice.  With it being so warm we had to change the sheets too because we've been sleeping on the flanels up until literally today.  It was like 40 degrees F two days ago and 96 today, so... who knows maybe we'll be grabbing the flanels again this week, but I vacuumed off the dust on the fan (yes the Dyson again) and we flipped it on.  It's amazing how much difference a fan can make.

Before I go I should mention my mother a little.  Last night marked my mother's final spring concert as the director of the Oklahoma City Home School Choirs.  For the last 13 years now she has spent a significant portion of her time teaching kids to read and perform music.  It's been a great ride, and a huge part of all of our lives during that time.  The friends we all made have already lasted what sometimes feels like a few lifetimes.  Mom's found a really great replacement for herself, and the timing (what with the first Grandbaby on the way) just really seemed right.  I personally want to wish my best to the choir as a whole.  I hope it continues for many many more years and can positively influence hundreds of kids as they grow and learn.  Mom, you did good.  Be safe on choir tour, and have fun!

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