Little Sister, I Hope to Meet You Someday.

I had a long conversation on Skype with my mom yesterday.  Skype is a wonderful thing, it's quite bizarre to think that when I was in high school dorm, I spoke to my parents maybe once a month.  Then, they got a satellite phone, and I could call them if I had anything urgent, and I thought that was absolutely amazing.  Then, they moved to Jakarta, and I could call them with my phone card whenever I wanted.  And now, with Skype, we can talk as long as we want, as long as their internet permits.  My mom marvels at it as well, especially with the video on.  Technology has done wonders for communication.

Anyway.  I had a baby sister die when I was about two.  Koreans don't talk about miscarriages and stuff much – it's not as talked about as it is here.  So, all I knew about it was, that mom had lost an almost full term baby, and I was under the impression that she was still born.  Sometimes I wondered why she had died in the womb, what had gone wrong.  Talking to my mom about my early dilation and being careful, the subject of her came up.  It was the first time we had ever really talked about it in depth...  Turns out, the baby was not still born.  Turns out, the baby wasn't almost full term, she was full term.