Feels Good!! Ju young 13 December 2009

It feels so good to feel normal.  I've felt pretty darn good for the last week, no pain, no need to take any pain pills.  :)  For some weird reason, I've had lots and lots of muscle pain and tenderness even a couple weeks ago...  I don't know if it was related to the birth or not, but it sure feels good to have all that gone!  It's such a blessing, it's hard to appreciate not being in pain until you've been in pain for a period of time.

On the side note, I've come to realize that I can't imagine not having Alaise as my child.  All those months of trying to get pregnant...  I told myself that maybe God wants THAT CHILD for us, so it's taking longer.  Out of millions of children that we could have, we were waiting for that one special child that God wanted us to have.  I really truly believe this was true for us!  I can't imagine not having Alaise as our baby girl...  I'm sure other children would have been awesome as well, but I'm so glad God let us have this one.  She's so wonderfully precious and perfect.

Anyway.  Just my thoughts for the day.

Count Your Blessings Ju young 5 November 2009

Today was my 2 week checkup with my OB.  As I've mentioned before, I LOVE our OB.  She's really great.  She said she thought I was doing pretty good considering what happened, which was good.  Anyway.  While we were there, she told Kris and me a story she heard at the hospital.  5 days after we had our baby and my surgery, a lady gave birth to her 5th child, and had the same post partum hemorrhaging as me.  She ended up going into get a hysterectomy, but she kept on losing tons of blood, and as if her body was giving up, nothing was clotting.  They ended up bringing in trauma surgeon and a vascular surgeon to patch her up, but after 4 hours of surgery, no luck.  So they couldn't even close her up - they packed her with stuff layer by layer, and ended up giving her 20 units of blood.  (Which we found out that average blood volume is about 11 units of blood.)